5 Ways To Turn Normal Clothes Into Nursing Clothes

This post is dedicated to all the mommies-to-be and nursing moms out there!

I find nursing clothes limited in range and expensive, and it doesn’t help that the designs are not the most tempting. If you don’t know what nursing wear/clothes are, they are clothes that have some form of access to enable modest nursing in public, together with a nursing cover.

I am not willing to spend a fortune on nursing clothes that I don’t exactly love, and that I would only wear for a short period of time. I have bought a few pieces out of desperation in my early nursing days. However, since finding ways to revive my pre-pregnancy wardrobe for nursing, those uglier pieces have taken a backseat.

Here are 5 ways to turn normal clothes into nursing wear/nursing clothes. Wear...

1. Stretchy cowl neck/v-neck with an inner nursing layer, if necessary.

DIY nursing wear 1







2. Loose/low-cut top with an inner nursing layer.

DIY nursing wear








3. Any nice top (need not be loose/low-cut) over a plain inner nursing layer. Nursing dress worn here.









4. Tube top/dress.

Nursing Clothes










5. Button down top/dress.









Options for inner nursing layers

  1. Tube
  2. DIY nursing camisole (‘cut-outs’)
  3. DIY nursing camisole (hooked onto nursing bra)
  4. Cheap, plain nursing camisoles/dresses. Some under $20 options available at http://list.qoo10.sg/ and http://www.99ms.com.sg/

Hope you found this post useful! Check back in here for more ideas of nursing outfits every Friday!

If you have any other methods of turning normal clothes into nursing clothes, please leave a comment to help all of us nursing moms to save more money!

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